The struggle

There were so many times during my addiction where I wanted to start seeing a counselor to get help, but I was fighting myself. I honestly felt like I couldn’t change and I didn’t see it being a real problem because I wasn’t hurting myself or other people.

Another year went by and I was still doing whatever I wanted, having as much sex as I wanted and getting deeper and deeper into the addiction.

I had some family members who caught wind of how loose I have been and they were concerned and lectured me about it. I didn’t care what they thought and kept doing what I wanted.

i wasn’t going to change no matter what people said or thought about me.

I wanted to do what I wanted and if it meant I wanted to have threesomes or fuck two guys in one day, I was doing it no matter what anyone said.

This addiction went side by side with drinking heavily and soon turned me into more than just a woman with sex problems then turned into a woman with drinking problems.

I would drink to have an excuse to have sex with whomever I wanted and reached a point where I couldn’t have sex with anyone without being drunk.

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