Cycle 2…

So I’m now separated from the abusive controlling man that I married and have a child to raise on my own. My addiction crept back in during this time and got the best of me. I allowed it to take over e once again and started behaving out of control and having sex as much […]

The struggle

There were so many times during my addiction where I wanted to start seeing a counselor to get help, but I was fighting myself. I honestly felt like I couldn’t change and I didn’t see it being a real problem because I wasn’t hurting myself or other people. Another year went by and I was […]

Married man, how low

By this point I have already lost who I used to be because of my addiction. It’s like I can’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore because I’m just not me. On this occasion this was the lowest of the low point for me. I end up meeting up and having sex with […]

break free

I broke free and got rid of the 200 pound weight that was holding me down. I separated from my husband and had a divorce pending. I was free again. Free to date other guys. Free to go back to my old ways….. and that’s exactly what I did. Once I was released from my […]

The time is now

So I’m now in my late twenties, I slowed down a bit from having hook ups and casual sex. I am newly married to a man I think I love although he is physically, mentally and financially abusive. I just found out I am pregnant. I am so happy I will have a baby to […]

Lose Yourself

I would continue to get this type of high from having sex and I couldn’t stop. I started to lose who I used to be. I looked in the mirror and no longer recognized who was looking back. I felt like a different person. I got to the point in my addiction where I felt […]

It will Change

If you were like me and had issues with trusting men again due to child sexual abuse or are suffering from a sexual addiction, know that things will change. Get the help you need. Do not be afraid to seek counsel. It does not mean you are crazy to want to get help with your […]

Never Give Up

The hurt The pain The memories the flashbacks the hatred it will all go away. You will get through this Never Give Up. Keep on fighting. Show yourself that you are strong. You can overcome the abuse. You can overcome the scars. Never Give up the fight to make yourself better Never Give up your […]

The Aftermath

I said my peace with those who I thought would believe me and help encourage me to tell my parents. Since that was a failure sharing what happened to me, I left it alone. I decided to never speak of my childhood trauma again and kept my feelings of what happened to me bottled up. […]

7 or 17

During the time I was being sexually abused by the male babysitter, I began to change. My behaviors began to change and I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I started becoming very into boys and even girls at some point. I was around 7 years old and was making out with tongue with boys in […]